There are several other reasons to doubt the above, namely that British & French Great War propaganda accused the Germans of rendering their own war dead to make soap & explosives. Never happened.

Andrew....I keep telling you people, this is how YOU measure and decide what's real or true and assume that everyone on the planet has the same standards and always had them. Case in point,

African and Latin music (indigenious), not even considered when music theory was created. WHY because it was based on white Eurocentric classical music. now I know that sounds racist but I don't actually think so. Okay, THE BLACK WOMAN DOESN'T THINK SOMETHING WHITE PEOPLE DO IS INHERNETLY RACIST... so fast forward to better communication, international educators working and studying in different places, music tastes and interensts getting more diverse....the internet! NOW, how do you measure African based or Latin music? their time signatures don't even exist in the clasical realm! Not wrong...just not thought of at the time the measuremet was established. So African based and Latin music has two choices, CONFORM to the Eurocentric so it can be mearused or just don't join that its never measured...but still exists in its own way.

So....your assumption that this alligator story would have been should have been written about like other EuroCentric wrong. They didn't write or report or care about black people like that, so the effort to even make up propagnda was not worth their time.

dance/theater professor @HBCU, born, raised in elitist Connecticut, married over a decade to my white husband, but seriously someone has to stop these people

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