You assume so much of black people who had (have) no power. You do realize how many horrid attrocites were committed against black people, poor uneducated "no one would listen to or believe" black people. You act like black people always had white allies, who would tell of these things, you belittle great grand parents and diaries and oral traditions among black people who kept these TRUTHS alive. You act like slave owners kept records of black births like they mattered to society. See, this is why you're an a$$hole because when Asian people tell about horrors done to them by dictators of their countries, you believe them. No "records", a few journalists reports, but REAL research happens after the fact. Real atrocities are Allison Gaines story. MY family told me of this kind of thing when I was growing up....but of course my family is black so we're stupid, lying, myth believing fools, whose ancestors sell their children to be feed to alligators. Not like white people lied and said "hey I'll give you some food for $2, and I'll hold your baby while you go get it". Nah... of course those white people said, give me $2 so I can give your child to an alligator, and black mothers did because.....we're stupid.

The irony is you decided to "correct" a black person's story, a black person's HISTORY, like you were there. Of course there are no first hand accounts, who would admit to that today?!

Black writers were public enemy #1, their writings were dangerous! And lynchings were in the newspapers!!! to scare black people....AGAIN you act like black people as a group were always blantantly pointing out the crimes of white people! This is why Malcolm X and MLK Jr where icons BECAUSE they risked being assassinated to speak up!! You're just stupid and uneducated....mansplaining white guy. The fact you put so much energy into discrediting Gaines story...AS A WHITE guy speaks volumes. Are you trying to educate black people or keep white people from feeling guilty?

dance/theater professor @HBCU, born, raised in elitist Connecticut, married over a decade to my white husband, but seriously someone has to stop these people

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